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Plotly JSON chart schema

Plotly JSON chart schema


The Plotly JSON visualization schema is a complete declarative format for creating, saving, and sharing interactive, scientific charts. The advantage of saving charts as JSON is portability - charts can be shared across any language or platform that understands the schema.

The complete JSON schema is maintained as part of Plotly’s V2 REST API:

Translations of the JSON schema for practical use in several languages are also available:

Simple Example

Below is a Plotly bar chart with the JSON specification that describes it.

Chart Image

"Basic bar chart"

JSON Descripton of Chart
    "data": [
            "x": [
            "y": [
            "type": "bar"

More Examples

Chart JSON description
Area Chart JSON
Pie Chart JSON
Line Chart JSON

Cross-Language Translation

Using this JSON specification, it is easy to handle translation between different chart and data formats:

JSON Editor

Try updating the chart by editing the JSON specification in this editor.

See the Pen Json Editor by Plotly (@plotly) on CodePen.

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