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Setup the Database Connector using your Plotly On-Premise service

Setup database connections using Plotly's On-Premise Database Connector

Step 1

Get To Know The Connector

The Plotly Database Connector is an open source web server and application that provides an interface between the Plotly Chart Creator and your databases and datastores.

Plotly Chart Creator makes HTTP requests directly to the Database Connector from the web browser. The Database Connector listens for these requests and makes queries to your configured databases or datastores.

Step 2

Visit Plotly

If you are using Plotly's On-Premise service, you can access Plotly's platform at your Plotly base domain as it was set-up by your IT departmeent; often it is of the form ''. We will use the latter domain throughout this tutorial. To start using the Plotly Database Connector as an on-premise user, visit '' and click on 'Import' in the top-right corner.

Step 3

Choose SQL option

Click on the SQL tab of the dialog window.

Step 4

Visit your On-Premise connector

Click on the link to your on-premise connector which is configured to your company-name domain. Clicking on the link should bring you to ''. In future, you may of course, visit the database connector directly at '' without heading to '' first if you wish to add or modify your connections.

Step 5

Setup connections to your databases

You can now setup connections to your databases. For more specific guidance, visit the tutorial for your database visit our full list that includes MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Redshift, Apache Drill and Parquet files, S3, Elasticsearch or request a new one if you do not see what you want.

Step 6

Additionnal information

The Plotly Database Connector stores the credentials to your databases. When the Database Connector runs on your On-Premise account, these credentials only need to be saved to the connector by one user. All users of Plotly On-Premise will have access to the databases and datastores that get configured.

The Plotly Database Connector can also run queries on a schedule (see tutorial). The Plotly Database Connector will save the results of the queries to user accounts in the Plotly On-Premise server through the Plotly Grids API.

Plotly On-Premise will need network access to your databases or datastores. If you would like to run the Plotly Database Connector on a separate server than Plotly or if you would like only a few users to have access to your databases, then you can run the Plotly Database Connector as a desktop app (see tutorial) or as a headless server app (more information).

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