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Collaborate in Chart Studio

How to collaborate on plots and grids in Chart Studio

Step 1


Whether you're using Plotly to create graphs for school, business, or for fun, you can share and export these graphs so your colleagues and friends can see your work.

Additionally, you can add collaborators to your charts.

What's the difference between sharing and collaborating?

Sharing is a way for people to view your plot, and you can do so publicly or with a secret link. For more information about sharing, click here. Collaborating is not only sharing your plot, you're giving someone permission to edit it. It's a way for more than one user to work on the same plot.

Collaborators can be anyone; your coworker or classmate, and they can edit your plot as well as your data. They also need to sign up to Plotly if they don't already have an account.

Step 2

Add Collaborators to a Plot

After you've plotted, styled and saved your graph, you can start adding collaborators.

Click on SHARE on the left-hand side of your workspace.

Collab Share

When the 'Share' pop-up appears, click on the 'Collaborators' tab at the top. Enter their Plotly username or email address in the first field, and you can add a message if you wish. The 'Notify via email' option is set as default.

Invite people

Once you've clicked ADD, their username or email address will appear under 'Current Collaborators'.

Current collaborators

You can also add more than one collaborator.

More collaborators

The other way to add collaborators is by going directly to your list of files and bookmarking the page. This is where your saved plots and data are kept, so this is a good place to visit if you wish to collaborate on an older plot.

You can also find this page by going back to your workspace and going to the SHARE tab, then clicking on 'Collaborators'. It's the blue 'list of files' hyperlink.

List of files

To see how to add collaborators from this page, keep reading!

Step 3

Add Collaborators to a Grid

In Chart Studio, collaborators can edit your data and plot. This means they can edit the grid and also change the style of your chart.

In order for them to edit any element of the plot, you must add the collaborator on both the plot and the associated data grid. Even if they're only styling the chart and not editing the data, they must be added as collaborators to your grid. If you add them to your plot only, the plot gets copied for the collaborator and is saved as a copied plot.

To add collaborators to your grid, go to your list of files. Hover over your grid thumbnail, then click on the 'Share' icon.

Organize page

Once the pop-up appears, add their username or email address and click ADD.

Adding grid collabs

Remember, if you want to add a collaborator to your plot, you must add them to the associated grid!

Step 4

Remove Collaborators

If ever you want to remove your collaborators, click on the 'x' next to their name. When you hover over the 'x', you'll see a little pop-up telling you to click to remove that user from being a collaborator.

Adding grid collabs

Step 5

As a Collaborator

Time to switch places! Let's look at it from the collaborator's side.

If the creator of the plot has opted to notify you by via email, you'll receive one, stating that they want to share a plot with you and wish to collaborate. You'll be given a link of where you can view the plot (called the 'Shareplot' page). You can click on 'Fork & Edit' to edit the plot.

Fork and edit

Otherwise, shared plots and grids can be viewed in the same 'Organize' page, then by clicking on 'Shared with me' on the left-hand side.

Shared Files

The plot and/or grid will be listed as thumbnails, and you'll have to hover over one and click on EDIT IN 2.0.

Hover thumbnail

You'll be taken to the workspace and as you can see, it looks exactly like it did when it was saved and shared. Now it's your turn to work on it!

Hover thumbnail

Looks like you've added another trace and styled the graph. It looks pretty cool!

New plot

Now you're now ready to save. There's no need to rename the file.

Save new plot

The creator of the plot will go back to their list of files and see that the plot was updated.

New plot

Step 6

Helpful Reminders

If you have a PRO account and have created a chart, or used features that are only available with a PRO subscription, but are collaborating with someone who has a Community account, they won't be able to save the plot.

You can save your plots as private or public. If you set your plot as private, no one will be able to view it, only your collaborators will be able to view and edit your plot.

For an easier way to keep your files organized, and to keep track of your plots and their associated grids, we highly recommend that you name your plot and grid when you save them.

Save plot and data

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