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Citing Plotly and Plotly Graphs in Papers

Here are a few ways you can cite Plotly in your work. Questions? Please try searching Plotly’s community forum.

Citing Plotly

Citation elements

Author: Plotly Technologies Inc. 
Title: Collaborative data science
Publisher: Plotly Technologies Inc.
Place of publication: Montréal, QC
Date of publication: 2015


author = {Plotly Technologies Inc.},
title = {Collaborative data science},
publisher = {Plotly Technologies Inc.},
address = {Montréal, QC},
year = {2015},
url = {}


Plotly Technologies Inc. Collaborative data science. Montréal, QC, 2015.

Citing another user’s data or graphs

Citation elements

Author: (Name or Plotly username) 
Title: (Chart title)
Publisher: Plotly Technologies Inc.
URL: (The exact URL of the chart you wish to cite)
Retrieval date: (The date that you last accessed the chart)


author = {Name or Plotly username},
title = {Chart title},
publisher = {Plotly Technologies Inc.},
howpublished = {Exact URL of the chart you wish to cite [Last accessed: date]}


Allain, Rhett. “Mass of 8 x 11.5 Sheets of Paper.” Plotly Technologies Inc., (Last accessed April 21, 2015).

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