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Adding Tables to Spectacle Editor

Add a Table to your Spectacle Editor Presentation

Step 1

Create a Table in Plotly

Go to Plotly to create a new grid: You can also upload an Excel or CSV file.

If you want try some pre-loaded example tables, check out:

Enter your data in the spreadsheet. You can change the column titles by selecting 'Rename Header:'

Enter data in grid

Step 2

Save the Grid to get its URL

Make a simple chart using your table, even if you don't intend to use the chart. You need to create a simple chart in order to save the data. Your workspace should look something like this after creating a simple chart with your data:

plotly workspace

Click Save to save your Plotly grid and get its URL.

Share grid

Go back to your files and find your newly saved Grid. Select the share icon to get its URL:

Get grid link step 1

Copy & paste the URL of your grid:

Get grid link step 2

Add “.embed” to the grid URL and open it in a new browser tab. Your URL should look something like this:

Basic table

Step 3

Style your Table

You can style your table using the query strings below (notice that # has to be replaced with %23 for URL encoding).


The URL for this table is:

Here is another example styled table:


Step 4

Embed in Spectacle Editor!

Download Spectacle Editor from:

Inside Spectacle Editor, click the Plotly icon and copy & paste your table URL into the Embed URL text box.


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